LTE Under Consideration: We need resilient infrastructure and global climate plan now

Re: November 10, Op-Ed “We need resilient infrastructure and global climate plan now”

Thanks to representative Zwiener for co-founding the Texas House Caucus on Climate, Environment and Energy Industry and getting 30 members to join. We need such lawmakers to honestly look at the facts on climate change crisis and take action for health and well- being of their constituents.

The response of the Texas Legislature to the problems of the electric grid during and after the winter storm Uri, has been nothing but disheartening.  Loss of 210 lives, $80 billion plus dollars in damages and unbelievable suffering of Texans was not enough for the Legislature to take strong action. The state climatologist John Neilsen-Gammon has reported that Texas is vulnerable to a wide range of natural hazards, most of which are weather and climate events.

Yes, we need resilient infrastructure, that will figure climate change as part of planning, and that will reduce harmful emissions by transitioning to cleaner sources of energy.

Kalpana Sutaria

Project Manager, City of Austin and Member, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Austin

Submitted to the Austin American-Statesman

May 2023

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