Energy efficiency SB 258 can save us money; it deserves to become law

The Texas House must pass energy efficiency bill SB 258 by Sen. Sarah Eckhardt. It would help Texans save money on utility bills by weatherizing their homes and help Texas prevent blackouts and reduce pollution. Energy efficiency is widely known to be the most cost-effective way to improve our grid’s ability to withstand disasters.

The Senate passed this bill last week but the House may kill the effort since many electrical utilities oppose these bills because, one can assume, they are not a solution to sell more energy.

Energy efficiency goals like this can save us an enormous amount compared to building more gas plants. Texas needs to do something for people, not just corporations. This will only happen if we stand up and tell our elected officials we support SB 258.

Raphael Schwartz

Austin American-Statesman

May 14, 2023

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