LTE Under Consideration: H.C.R. No. 22

The 87th Legislature of the State of Texas has a great opportunity to sponsor the proposed H.C.R. No. 22 – the Texas Environmental and Economic Stewardship Resolution. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while diversifying the economy supported by technological innovation and bipartisan collaboration.

It is not unknown to the Legislature that climate is changing and is having adverse impacts on the health and wellbeing of Texans. But we can’t rely on oil and gas as energy sources alone especially when it is contributing negatively to the health of Texans. Texas leads the nation in wind energy but we need more zero emissions sources like solar, geothermal, and nuclear.

The State of Texas has innovators, scientists, engineers and environmentalists who can provide expertise on energy sources and its impact on the changing climate. Texas House has already formed a Caucus on Climate and Environment and the Energy Industry, a perfect place to start thoughtful discussions on energy sources and transition opportunities to the 21st century low-carbon economy. The Legislature has a choice to grab this opportunity for the people they serve.

Richard “Larry” Howe

February 13, 2021

We need more than just the Paris Climate Accord

Re: Jan. 21 article, “Biden’s first act: Orders on pandemic, climate, housing.”

President Biden’s actions are most welcome on critical issues including the pandemic and ever-worsening climate crisis. They have caused emotional and economic devastation. It is refreshing to know that these crises will be collaboratively addressed based on facts and truth.

The reversal of the Trump administration’s freeze on vehicle mileage and emissions standards is critical to reduce pollution. The transportation sector is responsible for 28% of the total U.S. emissions. Manufacturers are ready to ramp up production of clean vehicles. The U.S. will need all possible measures to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Accord, which we will rejoin.

Global engagement is necessary but the Paris Climate Accord won’t be enough. Young people are demanding bold actions to draw down emissions. The lawmakers of the most resourceful nation, the U.S., could lead the world by sponsoring bipartisan proposals that help low-income families, create jobs and help reach the climate goals.

Kalpana Sutaria

Austin American-Statesman

February 5, 2021