Dishonest arguments overflow in op-ed

Re: Feb. 13 commentary, “Carbon neutral not net neutral.”

This op-ed was full of intellectually dishonest arguments – too many to address here. It transparently implies non-fossil energy alternatives will have net negative environmental impact (more than fossil fuels?) and “the left” are the people supporting them.

The author asks, “Should carbon neutral be the singular measure of planetary health?” No, and I’ve never heard anyone in the environmental protection community make such a ridiculous claim. There is no “singular” measure of planetary health other than this: Are we improving the long-term health of this planet and all the living creatures upon it?

The answer is a “singular” response: No, we are not. Let’s try another path.

Mark Warren

Austin American-Statesman

February 18, 2021

LTE Under Consideration: H.C.R. No. 22

The 87th Legislature of the State of Texas has a great opportunity to sponsor the proposed H.C.R. No. 22 – the Texas Environmental and Economic Stewardship Resolution. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while diversifying the economy supported by technological innovation and bipartisan collaboration.

It is not unknown to the Legislature that climate is changing and is having adverse impacts on the health and wellbeing of Texans. But we can’t rely on oil and gas as energy sources alone especially when it is contributing negatively to the health of Texans. Texas leads the nation in wind energy but we need more zero emissions sources like solar, geothermal, and nuclear.

The State of Texas has innovators, scientists, engineers and environmentalists who can provide expertise on energy sources and its impact on the changing climate. Texas House has already formed a Caucus on Climate and Environment and the Energy Industry, a perfect place to start thoughtful discussions on energy sources and transition opportunities to the 21st century low-carbon economy. The Legislature has a choice to grab this opportunity for the people they serve.

Richard “Larry” Howe

February 13, 2021