Lawmakers, listen to the scientists, and work to provide a reliable grid

Re: Sept. 12 article, “Texans pay millions for units that can restart power grid, but some went out during freeze.”

I am thankful that a total shutdown of the state’s power grid was averted. But it is deeply disturbing to find out that the ‘black start’ power plants were not fully prepared to back up the grid.

The Texas Legislature passed several laws during the 2021 regular session to address shortcomings at the power plants. The Public Utility Commission has to act in the best interest of all Texans and demand reliable weatherization standards for power plants, including the black start plants, from the Electrical Reliability Council of Texas, incorporating future scientific projections on climate change. ERCOT is neither transparent nor responsible. Is the Legislature going to impose penalties if power outages occur?

Power politics plays out.

Texas Legislature can help its people by saving lives and billions of dollars in economic damages by listening to climate scientists and have a reliable power grid.

Kalpana Sutaria

Austin American-Statesman

September 22, 2021

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