Let this environmental wake-up call sink in

Re: June 12 article, “UN: Climate and extinction crises are intertwined.”

When we are busy working, taking care of our families, being entertained, trying to make a buck, it is easy for us humans to overlook the harmful impacts we are having on Earth, harmful because they are going to hurt us directly and seriously.

We have received thousands of wake-up calls, such as the recent United Nations report, but we still haven’t woken up. The rapid heating of Earth, the decimation and rapidly increasing extinction rate of countless species, the despoiling of our oceans — relatively few of us want to hear about these things or take them seriously.

The most important things you can do to counteract them? One, educate yourself on how we are impacting the environment and what changes you can make in your own life to help mitigate them. Two, support only candidates with the most aggressive environmental protection agendas. It is essential we take action quickly.

Mark Warren

Austin American-Statesman

June 21, 2021