Texas’ best last chance to fight climate change and its disasters

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that’s been true of climate-related weather disasters as well. According to NOAA, since 1980 Texas has experienced 140 climate-related disasters that caused at least $1 billion dollars in damage, more than any other state.

As climate change continues to make weather events more frequent and severe, that price tag is only expected to rise.

That’s why it’s time for Sens. Cruz and Cornyn to support strong policies to reduce carbon pollution. The climate provisions of the Build Back Better Act would provide incentives for utilities to switch to renewable energy sources. It’s an approach previously proposed by Republicans and one that would bolster Texas’ wind and solar sectors.

This is our best last chance to protect Texans from more floods, hurricanes and crop-withering droughts. If we act now, maybe we can say to the next generation, when it came to fixing climate change, we did it bigger in Texas.

Elaine Robbins

Austin American-Statesman

February 6, 2022

Still time to avert disasters if we transition to clean energy

Re: December 19, 2021 Article, “Extreme summer reveals stunning shift in rainfall

Thanks for this well-researched article.  

According to the article, while deluges grow east of the Rockies, the West experiences serious drought conditions, and, “NOAA reported at least 133 ‘billion-dollar disasters’ in the decade ending in 2020, double the previous decade, at a cost of more than $867 billion.”

One would think that such an increase in frequency of weather disasters would prompt strong action from our leaders. We are losing precious time. Scientists tell us that there is still time if steps are taken to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Those who lose everything including lives of their loved ones, know how quickly some of the powerful disasters can wipe out their homes and businesses. We need to address the root causes of reducing carbon emissions by pricing carbon. Ask your representative to support carbon fee and dividend as part of Build Back Better legislation.

Kalpana Sutaria

Austin American-Statesman

January 3, 2022